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Domain Name Generators – 9 Best Tools for Naming your Blog

domain name suggestion tool
When you think about starting a blog or a website, one of the very first and important tasks is finding the perfect domain name. Finding a domain name can be a tedious process. This is a known fact that the number of online businesses is on an increase which makes it pretty difficult to find a name that is short, meaningful and easy to remember. I faced this similar problem when I started this blog, there were tons of suggestions and names but on several occasions, the names that I liked were already taken or were available at a much
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Social Media

Pinterest Rich Pins- Everything you need to know [Set up in 5 mins]

pinterest rich pins
Have you seen pins on Pinterest that show more information than the regular pins you are sharing? If yes, have you wondered when the platform is the same then why are these pins different. Is it because Pinterest likes them more (joking) or are you missing out on some vital details? The answer to this is simple, you are missing out on a special feature known as Rich Pins. Pinterest rich pins are very different from the regular pins. These pins contain way more information and drive higher engagement and click-through rates when compared to there counterparts. In case you haven't
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WordPress vs The Difference and Which is better [Detailed comparison] vs the comparison
Raise your hands if you are trying to figure out the difference between and With almost the same names, this can be really confusing for anyone who is just starting out. Well, let me tell you I was on the same boat once. Although both these platforms have similar names but these are actually very different from each other. Very frequently on social media platforms, I see people ask these questions frequently What is the difference- vs Which one is better. Out of the two which is good for starting a blog or website. When you
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How to enable HTTPS on Blogspot blog and Fix Mixed Content Errors

enable https on blogspot
"HTTPS Everywhere", you may have heard this phrase a few times on the internet. This campaign was launched by Google to make the internet a safer place. Securing your website is a web standard. It gives the user a safe and private environment to browse the website. If you have created a Blogspot blog and thinking about how to enable https on your blogger blog. You have come to the right place. But before we begin this guide, lets first understand some of the basics. What is HTTPS? HTTPS is the secured HTTP protocol. In other words also known as
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Web Hosting

What is a Custom Domain Name? Do you really need one

custom domain name
If you own an online business or have a website or a blog, you may have frequently come across the term "Custom domain name". Most of us when starting out prefer using free platforms such as WordPress, Blogspot, Medium and other similar platforms to publish content. These platforms are Very easy to use and understand It takes very little to no technical knowledge to set up a blog and in no time your site is up and running. These platforms are free to use. If you are just starting out, these are generally the first choice. And I have no
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WordPress Theme

Changing WordPress Theme- 16 Things You Need To Know Before Making The Change

change wordpress theme
Let's begin this blog by saying "when it comes to your online presence, appearance matters". Your website design is the first thing a visitor see's when they visit. And first impressions matter. To create that captivating first impression you need a WordPress theme that aligns with your brand is user-friendly has an engaging design. This may seem like asking for too much in case of a web site's design and features. But you don't have to worry, WordPress has tons for free themes that you can use and add any functionality using plugins. And with WordPress, you can change the
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