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Search Engine Optimization

11 Quick SEO Tips To Rank Your Website Higher On Search Engines

11 quick seo tips
One thing that every website owner wants is traffic from search engines. And it is not just traffic, its targetted traffic. For example, a restaurant taking food delivery orders online delivers only in the local area. But the website is receiving most of the visits from other areas. Is this traffic useful for the business? The answer is simple, No. Although the site is getting visits, these visits bring minimum value to the online business. To make an online business successful you need a target audience. And SEO is the only technique that you can use to rank higher on
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Search Engine OptimizationBlogspot

Basic SEO Tips To Take Your Blogspot Blog to Next Level

basic seo tips for blogger
Have you created a free Blogspot blog and looking to learn SEO techniques to optimize your blog? If the answer is yes, then you have come to the right place. SEO is a very important component of Blogging. To get that flow of traffic from search engines you need to optimize your blog and without SEO it is very difficult to generate traffic from search engines. When we talk about optimizing blogs, it is easy to optimize a WordPress blog as compared to Blogger. In WordPress, you can use plugins to make the task much easier. But as Blogger is a free
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How to Create a Free Blog on Blogger or Blogspot Platform

create blogspot blog
Are you thinking about starting a free blog? Blogger otherwise known as Blogspot by Google serves as one of the platforms where you can create your very own blog with no investment. Free blogging platforms such as blogger are a great way for new bloggers to enter the blogosphere. After gaining experience on free blogs, you can then move to a self-hosted WordPress blog. Apart from Blogspot, there are other blogging platforms as well where you can create a free blog. But let me tell you this and are the 2 most popular free blogging platforms. To start a free
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How To Install Akismet Anti-Spam and Get API Key For Free

install akismet
Everyone hates spam. When you start a blog every now and then you will notice a few comments on your blog that have nothing to do with your content containing spammy links. These links usually point to gambling sites or websites containing explicit content. This unscrupulous activity of posting spam comments and pingbacks are done using spambots. And as the spammers are getting smarter, it gets really difficult to distinguish between the real and fake comments. The websites that receive a huge amount of traffic on a daily basis also gets lots of spam. This makes the manual comment moderation a
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Web Hosting

How to Install Free SSL Certificate on Bluehost and Migrating to HTTPS

how to use ssl on bluehost
After you start a WordPress blog with Bluehost, the next important step is to secure your blog or website against third party attacks and malware. You can protect your website and provide users with the privacy they deserve with the help of SSL certificate. In this tutorial, we will discuss how to enable a free SSL certificate on Bluehost. Bluehost is one of the recommended hosting providers by and free SSL certificates are a part of the hosting plan. Before we begin let's first understand What is an SSL certificate? SSL is termed as a secured socket layer. This is
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How to Install a WordPress Plugin (The 3 Right Ways)- Beginner’s Guide

how to install plugin in Wordpess
After starting a WordPress blog the first thing that comes to mind is increasing the functionality of the website. And this thing can be done with the help of plugins. In this article, we will be learning how to install a WordPress plugin in the right way. Before we start with this guide let's first understand What is a Plugin? A plugin is add-on software that is installed to boost or add new features to your website. The plugin makes it easier for WordPress users to add extended features without even worrying about coding. There are tons of free plugins available
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