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20 Most Important Things to Do After Installing WordPress

things to do after installing wordpress
Looks like you have just started a WordPress blog or a website and are thinking about what to do next? After you are done installing WordPress, it's time to set up WordPress correctly. Every fresh WordPress install comes with a default page, post, comment, and stock settings. In this blog post, I have prepared a list of the 20 most important things after installing WordPress. Without further ado let's dive in and make little adjustments to make sure your WordPress site is secure, optimized and all the details are taken care of. 20 Essential Things to Do After a Fresh WordPress
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Social Media

Getting Started with Pinterest for Business and Site Verification

Pinterest for business
Are you wondering How to create a Pinterest business account and verify your website? You have come to the right place. Pinterest is one of the best websites to generate traffic for your website. Let me start this blog with a recent incident that happened and left me in a state of thinking. Recently I visited my brother's place for a family get together as he renovated his house. And one of the common question asked was where did you find this painting or showpiece and the common answer was Pinterest. Some of the things were inspired by designs on Pinterest
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Top 7 Reasons Why You Need to Start a Blog

7 reasons to start a blog
Are you thinking to take that first step towards starting your own blog but still hesitant? In this article, I will share some reasons to start blogging now. You may have seen a lot of people posting and sharing about their life journeys, personal experiences or spreading knowledge and educating about various topics online. People choose various mediums to share their thoughts, views or ideas such as videos, podcasts, blogs or images. I picked blogging. Over the years I have had various hobbies like playing video games, creating videos and photography to name a few. But never in a thousand
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Web Hosting

How to Choose a Domain Name – 7 Tips to Help You Find the Right Name

tips to choose a perfect domain name
Are you looking to choose a perfect domain name for your website and having minor difficulties to decide? You have come to the right place. Domain name plays a vital role. It is the foundation of any online business. On countless occasions, the domain name is taken as the URL of the website. But it is way more important than that. A domain name is the fundamental of your online presence. It is your online identity, your business will be known through this name both online and offline. Picking a domain name depends on what type of business you have
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