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Getting Started with Pinterest for Business and Site Verification

Are you wondering How to create a Pinterest business account and verify your website? You have come to the right place.

Pinterest is one of the best websites to generate traffic for your website. Let me start this blog with a recent incident that happened and left me in a state of thinking.

Recently I visited my brother’s place for a family get together as he renovated his house. And one of the common question asked was where did you find this painting or showpiece and the common answer was Pinterest.

Some of the things were inspired by designs on Pinterest and some were bought by seeing images and recommendations from Pinterest.

Before this incident, I was not so active on Pinterest and never ever thought of using Pinterest.

Also, this proved 2 important points

  1. The importance of images in digital media.
  2. The potential of image sharing platforms such as Pinterest

Pinterest has 2 types of accounts

  1. Personal
  2. Business

The personal account looks like the screenshot below

pinterest personal account

Business Account looks like this

Pinterest Business Account

There is a lot of difference between a personal profile and a business profile. You can create a business profile on Pinterest in 2 ways:-

  1. Create a new profile
  2. Upgrade to a business account

You can upgrade your personal account to business for free and it comes with some benefits.

Why is Pinterest Business better than Personal

  1. There is quite a lot of difference when you see the design layout of the personal and business account. Business profiles have a more appealing design with a collage of pins as the cover of the profile whereas personal profiles do not have that.
  2. If you create a Pinterest business account you are not required to add the First and  Last name. You can add the name as it is. For example, when I created the business account, I did not enter the First name as Geeky and Last name as Plug. The business account gives me the ease of adding the name as GeekyPlug.
  3. In the Pinterest business profile, the URL of your website is displayed very prominently as compared to the personal account
  4. One of the major difference makers for me is access to analytics. You do not have access to analytics on personal accounts.
  5. There is also a difference in Pinterest TOS where it is clearly stated to use Pinterest for commercial purposes you need a business account.
  6. Also, Pinterest is constantly working on new features to expand the reach and those having business accounts will get notified as soon as the feature is released.
  7. Features such as ads program are only available for business accounts.
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The Dilemma- Converting or Creating a new Pinterest Business Profile

When we talk about creating a business account on Pinterest, there are 2 scenarios related to this.

  1. You can create a new business account
  2. Convert an existing profile into a business profile.

In case you are facing the dilemma of whether you want to convert your personal profile to a business profile. Consider this

  1. When you convert your profile your Pinterest URL will change. For example, if you have a personal profile with a URL that will change to If your followers are more connected to you than your brand then it is better to create a new business account.
  2. In case your personal profile has pins that have nothing to do with your brand, what your brand represents or completely personal. Then it is not a good idea to remove all those pins and then create a business account. Rather it is better to create a new one.
  3. If your personal profile has tons of followers and you do not want to lose them. Then converting will be a better option than building a new account from scratch.

How to Create a New Pinterest for Business Profile

Before we begin this guide, I would like to let you know creating a new business profile is almost similar to converting and all the steps are the same. So in case, you are creating a new account you need to

  1. Sign up using an existing email address or Facebook
  2. Select your country and language preference
  3. And follow the guide below.

getting started with pinterest for business

Converting Personal Profile to Pinterest Business

To start this the first step is to log in to your Pinterest Profile.

Pinterest Login

When you log in, you will see the wall of your Pinterest profile. On the right side, you can see three dots.

three dots on pinterest wall

When you click on them you will see a drop-down that says “Get a free business account”. Now just below that Pinterest has mentioned, it will unlock pro tools like ads and analytics which are not available in the personal profile.

Now click the upgrade button.

Upgrade button pinterest

Once you click the upgrade button, it will take you to a new screen where you will get 2 options:-

  1. Continue and convert the personal account.
  2. Logout and create a new account

In this case, I m going to continue with converting the profile but in case you want to create a new account, the process is similar and you can follow this guide.

pinterest free upgrade to business account

When you click continue, it will ask for the name of the business and you’ll have to select the category of your business. There are 9 categories to choose from.

  1. Professional
  2. Public figure
  3. Media
  4. Brand
  5. Retailer
  6. Online Marketplace
  7. Local Business
  8. Institution/ Non-Profit
  9. Other

Pick whichever fits for the business. Being a blogger I selected Professional.

pinterest Business profile name and selecting categories

After you have entered the name and selected the category. Press next.

In the next step, you are required to enter the URL of your website and click next.

Enter the url of your website

Now the next step in the process is connecting your other accounts to Pinterest. You can connect 3 accounts with Pinterest.

  1. Instagram
  2. Etsy
  3. Youtube

There is a huge benefit of connecting Pinterest to your other accounts as Pins that match with the images on your other accounts will be attributed to your account and you can see the analytics on all those pins.

You will also get new recommendations and features based on these accounts.

So I highly recommend connecting these accounts. In case you want to skip this step you can always perform this later.

Later on in this blog, I will also be connecting Instagram with the Pinterest account. So keep following.

connecting other accounts with Pinterest

When you click next you will be asked a question- ” Would you ever be interested in running ads on Pinterest”.

You can select the option that suits you best according to your future plans and Press next.

question on pinterest about running ads

In the last step, Pinterest will show your pins from your website. You can select the image and save it as a pin on your profile or skip it.

saving images as pins from your website on pinterest

Once you click save pins to profile or skip, it will take you to your business profile. Remember until you have verified your website, the process is incomplete and you’ll not be able to enjoy the features of a business account. And your Pinterest wall will look like the screenshot below.

Pinterest wall with message to claim website

On the left, you can see the analytics. On the right, you have the button to create pins, check messages, change settings and notifications. Also, you can see on the right under the create pin button you can see the button that says claim website and a huge message on top of your wall to claim website.

The next step in the process is

Pinterest Site Verification- Step by Step Tutorial

You can verify your website on Pinterest from the home screen or from the settings. Both these roads lead to a common outcome. I will describe it through both ways.

If you want to claim your website from the home screen. Click claim your website on the left or the huge message on the home screen. You’ll get a popup. Enter your website URL and click next.

pinterest popup to add website

In the above image, you can clearly see where you can click to get the popup.

Once you have entered the website URL and hit the next button. You’ll get another popup asking you to pick a claim.

pinterest home screen pick a claim

There are 2 ways to claim a website on Pinterest

  1. Adding the meta tag
  2. Uploading HTML file

Now if you have followed till here for the final steps you need to scroll a little as I will explain how it is done through settings.

If you are going to claim your website on Pinterest through settings. Go to settings and then click Claim. You’ll get a screen like this image below.

claim a website through settings in pinterest

Now press the claim button and you’ll get the same popup with 2 claim options.

options to claim website on pinterest through settings

To verify the website I will be using the add HTML tag option.

Select the option and it will provide you with code and if you are not a technical person you need not worry. Just follow the steps. It will be a walk in the park.

Now if you are using WordPress you have to paste this code in header.php or in the theme settings where you can add the scripts to the header.

html verification tag pinterest

Copy the code in a safe place.

Now, until this step, the process is the same for all the websites regardless of the platform you are using such as, Blogger, or Tumblr.

In this article, we will be sharing the step by step process for

  1. or self-hosted
  3. Blogger or Blogspot
  4. Tumblr

Pinterest website verification for

In this process, it does not matter which hosting provider you are using, be it Siteground or Bluehost or any provider. The only requirement is your blog should be using the WordPress CMS and self-hosted.

To verify your website you need to download and install the Yoast plugin.

Recommended Read- How to install a WordPress plugin

Once you are done installing the plugin, you will see the SEO button on the left side. Click SEO and go to Social. You will get a screen that looks like the screenshot below.

yoast social screen

The next step is to check if the open graph is enabled in Yoast. For that visit the Facebook tab and if the open graph is disabled enable it.

open graph setting in yoast

Once you check the open graph setting, go to the Pinterest tab and paste the code in the Pinterest confirmation box and click save changes.

yoast pinterest confirmation

If you are not using the Yoast plugin, then you can insert the Pinterest verification code using the Insert Header and Footer plugin. All you need to do is download, install and activate the plugin.

And in the next step navigate to Settings >> Insert Headers and Footers

It will take you to a new screen where you have to insert the code in Scripts in Header. You need to copy and paste the entire HTML code in this section.

pinterest site verification insert header plugin

Click Save to make changes. Now, go back to Pinterest and click on Next on the popup and it will ask for the confirmation. Click submit to confirm

Verifying your website on Pinterest

If you have a website or a blog on, the verification process is very different. does not allow you to install plugins or allow you to edit the code as you can do on other platforms.

You may like to read- vs provides you with the built-in Jetpack features that allow you to verify your website. To verify your site

  1. Login to your dashboard
  2. Navigate to tools >> Marketing >> Traffic
  3. Scroll down a little and you will find site verification services
  4. Enter the HTML confirmation code in the Pinterest box and save the settings

site verification

Now, go back to Pinterest and click on Next on the popup and it will ask for the confirmation. Click submit to confirm

Pinterest site verification for Blogspot

Blogspot otherwise known as Blogger is a free blogging platform by Google.

For the verification of your blogger website, the first thing you have do is log in to the Blogger dashboard, then navigate to the theme settings and click edit HTML.

edit html blogspot for Pinterest site verification

It will take you to a new screen, press ctrl+F or command+F and search for <head>

edit theme blogger

Now add the HTML verification code in the <head> section as shown in the image below.

adding pinterest verification code blogger

The last step is to save the theme. Now, go back to Pinterest and click on Next on the popup and it will ask for the confirmation. Click submit to confirm.

Pinterest verification for Tumblr

Tumblr is another very well known blogging platform. In order to verify your Tumblr website

Sign in to your Tumblr account, go to edit appearance  >> edit theme

edit appearance tumblr

When you click o Edit theme it will take you to a new screen where you will find the option to Edit HTML

edit html tumblr

Now you need to search for the <head> tag and place the Pinterest confirmation code right below it as shown in the image

add verification code tumblr

The last thing to do is update preview and Save.

On completing this step, now go back to the Pinterest screen and press Next. You’ll receive a confirmation message letting you know that you’ll get a confirmation email from Pinterest in 24 hrs.

Pinterest Submit for review

Hit the submit button. Here is what the confirmation email looks like

pinterest confirmation email

You can also check for the verification of the website on Pinterest in the settings.

pinterest website claim verification through settings

Congrats you have successfully created a Verified Pinterest business account.

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Like I said before I will also be letting you know how to Claim your Instagram Account. And I highly recommend you go through this process.

Claiming Instagram Account on Pinterest

To claim the Instagram account all you have to do is, go to the settings and then claim. Under the heading Claim other accounts, you’ll find the option to claim Instagram and click claim.

claiming instagram on pinterest

When you click the claim button, a popup will appear for the authorization request. Click Authorize.

pinterest instagram authorization

And that’s it you are done. You will then receive an email from Pinterest regarding the verification of your Instagram account.

And you have now verified your website and Instagram on Pinterest.

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In the beginning, this may seem like a difficult task but it is pretty easy and has huge benefits. If you have started a blog on WordPress claiming your website on Pinterest will massively increase your reach.

The next step after starting a Pinterest business account is implementing a very important feature known as Pinterest Rich Pins. And also, don’t forget to learn how to hide pin images in blog posts and add Pinterest Save button to images

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I hope this tutorial will help you create a business account and Verify your website on Pinterest. Do follow us on Pinterest, Instagram, and other social media and also share this on social media with your friends.

If you have any queries feel free to contact us.

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